Value Chain Retreats

2017 Global Supply Chain ‘thought leadership’ Retreat Series for the C-levelOffice leather desk table with coffee and supplies

Theme: the supply chain well executed equals the value chain. This is a philosophy that should be embraced by all functions in the enterprise for best results.


For 2017, we are breaking with tradition and moving away from our previous large Summit format, to a small elite format. Nonetheless, we will still be delivering the most up-to-date supply chain ‘thought leadership’ available anywhere in the world today.

We intend to conduct a series of special 1-day events, specifically tailored to meeting the concerns   of all C-level functions, from their own individual perspectives. The tone of the entire series is about finding multi-disciplinary solutions to design and operational problems that disrupt efficient and profitable operations.

The series format focuses on very small numbers of executives who will appreciate and follow through on the insights gained, and go on to transform their respective organisations. A limit of 8-10 non-competing companies is envisaged for each event, and this number will be strictly adhered to.

If you would like to be considered for an invitation to this elite event, please contact Dr John Gattorna (International Series), or Ms Deborah Ellis (Australasian Series)

Note: if you would like  a special in-house  edition of this program, customised to your business, please contact us.


Location as follows:


 Australasia:                   Sydney:  7 February 2017

Australasia:                   Sydney: 14 March 2017

Australasia:                   Sydney:  4 April 2017

Australasia:                   Sydney:  9 May 2017

Asia Pacific Series:       Singapore:  1 March 2017

Asia Pacific Series:       Hong Kong:   29 May 2017

Asia Pacific Series:       Shanghai:   19 June 2017

India:                               Mumbai:   1  June 2017

Europe:                           Amsterdam:   22 June 2017