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Gattorna Alignment Leadership

The Gattorna Alignment (GA) team is led by Dr John Gattorna and Deborah Ellis, his long-time associate. John and Deborah share the same consulting/advisory philosophy, which has led to their joint success over many years. They focus on providing leadership, frameworks and decision support capability to assist clients to reduce complexity and thus be able to see and capture opportunities in their market and in the operation supporting that market. The format for engagement is usually a ‘light touch’: GA supports and guides client teams, rather than bringing large numbers of consultants to bear with pre-packaged solutions.

Extended Gattorna Alignment Team

John and Deborah’s efforts are reinforced by a strong core consulting and admin team and a consortium of consulting partners in Australia and internationally – drawn from across industry, consulting, and academia. As a Firm, GA demands the highest academic qualifications and real-world experience of all of its extended members.

The GA Team


Dr Johfeature_johngattornan Gattorna  - Executive Chairman


John Gattorna has spent a lifetime working in and around enterprise supply chains, in many different capacities – line executive, researcher, consultant/adviser, teacher, mentor and author. He is passionate about the subject – some might say obsessive.

In the late 1980s, John became disenchanted with the lack of conceptual depth in the ‘logistics’ field; and as it turned out this did not improve much as logistics thinking morphed into ‘supply chains’ in the 1990s. So he started to search for a new model/framework that would better inform the design and operation of enterprise supply chains, seeking to satisfy customers and consumers, at the appropriate cost-to-serve. And he found it in dynamic alignment.

For the last two decades John has been working with major blue chip corporations around the world to take his new model from the conceptual stage to a finer level of granularity; companies such as Dell; Unilever;Teys Australia; and Schneider Electric. It has been a complex task , involving learning about, and combining, several disparate disciplines – consumer/customer behaviour; internal cultural capability of the enterprise; leadership styles; and of course the operational aspects of corporate logistics networks and supply chains. The unique quality about John’s perspective is that he presents a multi-disciplinary whole-of-business approach to the design and management of enterprise supply chains, and this requires an eclectic mindset.

He has written several books along the way as his thinking has evolved, but his three (3) most recent titles have been seminal: Living Supply Chains (FT Prentice Hall, Harlow, 2006); Dynamic Supply Chain Alignment, Gower Publishing, Farnham, 2009); and Dynamic Supply Chains (FT Prentice Hall, Harlow, 2010); and John’s latest book Dynamic Supply Chains (FT Prentice Hall, Harlow, 2015). John’s hope is that his work and writings will inspire others who follow in his footsteps. Indeed, now (in these current volatile times) is the time to innovate in the enterprise to ensure sustainable operational and financial performance in the future. Some risks have to be taken in pursuit of new business models that can operate in the new volatile environments, and lift us all out of the doldrums that have pervaded world economics post-GFC.

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The GA Team

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Deborah Ellis - Partner


Deborah has conducted supply chain consulting projects over the last 20 years in Australia, Asia, Europe and the US in diverse industries including fashion, consumer goods, retail, industrial, resources, banking, and agriculture. Earlier in her career she held operational responsibility for logistics with Mars and Swire Group companies in Australia.

Deborah has led strategic and analytical engagements including network modelling projects, and a series of ground-breaking projects for the Australian banking industry, applying supply chain principles to the distribution of cash. She has also collaborated extensively with Dr John Gattorna on industry-level supply chain strategy for the Hunter Valley Coal Chain, the Australian Meat and Livestock industry and the Western Australian Grains industry and on research for the Textiles, Clothing and Footwear Industry. In recent years they have also joined forces on strategy projects using the Dynamic Alignment frameworks and advanced decision support for greatly dissimilar businesses  including one of the world’s leading apparel brands – Ralph Lauren,  a major multi-national FMCG company – Unilever, Australia’s largest Meat and Livestock business – Teys Australia, a leading global industrial company – Schneider Electric, and a range of other businesses ranging from a Swiss-based global 3PL to rapidly growing medical technology businesses.

In recent years Deborah has also focused on applying the supply chain lens to global health issues, and has been undertaking a PhD on the supply chains supporting diabetes patients in developing countries.

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Jacqui Websize

Jacqui Turner – Administration Manager


Jacqui has a lifetime of experience in office administration as well as being a executive assistant to high profile senior executives in Australia and the UK.

Along with a passion for customer service, Jacqui enables the Gattoma Alignment team to concentrate on the complexities of their assignments by managing the day to day operation of the organisation. Jacqui is responsible to the Gattoma Alignment team for all aspects of financial management, business compliance, website design and management as well as staff administration. She was also John’s right hand at Accenture and continues to ensure John, Deb and the team meet all commitments by providing personal assistance where required.

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GlendaGlenda Roberts – Senior Consultant


Glenda’s broad business experience adds another dimension to the team at Gattorna Alignment. Glenda is a  Mechanical Engineering and has worked  in manufacturing plants in Australia and the USA in roles ranging from product design, to process engineering, production management and project engineering. Later in her career a desire to see another side of business – the view of the customer – led her to pursue a career in marketing. Her experience in this arena covers consumer and business to business distribution channels and she now heads up our customer research projects.

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Jilles Verheggen – Consultant


Jilles role at Gattorna Alignment includes developing innovative analysis to support strategic projects, and identifying for clients the supply chain patterns driving their operation. He also liaises closely with client teams to support them in pursuing the change programs that result from the Gattorna engagements.

During the course of his career he has developed a deep knowledge of Supply Chain management and ERP systems (esp. SAP). He has worked as Regional On-Shelf Availability Analyst and Continuous Improvement Analyst at Unilever Australasia. Before this role Jilles developed his supply chain skills as a Demand Planner for L’Oréal in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.Jilles has a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering and Management, and a Masters of Business (Operations Management).

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AnjaAnja Wolf – Consultant


Anja has worked with Gattorna Alignment on a variety of projects over the last four years, each one drawing on her strong analytics skills and supply chain training. Her experience includes supporting our network modelling projects, documenting operational reviews, customer research reporting and developing advanced analysis in Excel, Access and Tableau. During this time she has also completed a highly regarded  Master’s Degree thesis on one of our major client’s key bottleneck areas.

Anja holds both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Logistics from the Technical University of Applied Sciences in Wildau Germany and completed part of her Masters program at the University of Newcastle, Australia.

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Jackie Low 2015Jackie Low  – Senior Consultant


Jackie started her career in technology business development.  After completing her MBA, she embarked on a career  in general management consulting working on projects ranging from strategy to process improvement and data/research analysis.  The span of her experience has provided Jackie with insight into how technology can be leveraged to achieve business objectives whilst managing stakeholder and client expectations.

Jackie has led research  that inform strategies for market entry or competition and has worked with clients in diverse industries including government, telecommunications, primary industries and finance. Jackie enjoys liaising with and working in close collaboration with clients and solving business problems through analytical rigour. Jackie’s role in Gattorna Alignment is to manage customer research projects, complete analysis of such projects using GA’s proprietary behavioural methodology which are then used to inform supply chain strategies.  She has worked on a number of projects which have been adopted by clients globally.

Maslada Nobhandhu

Maslada Nobhandhu – Analyst


Maslada has provided professional services for over 15 years in diverse industries, for key commercial functions including Sales & Marketing, Financial Planning & Analysis, Strategic Pricing, Business Modelling & Research, and Supply Chain Management.

She has strong interest in Business Performance Improvement,  focusing on internal and external alignment strategy  - which covers people management, business modelling and pricing. She had worked with international firms in Thailand, ie., Tomen Corporation (Currently Toyota-Tsusho), Orange Telecom, Siemens, and CEVA Logistics.

Maslada earned a BA Economics from Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand in 1997, and received MBA from Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM), Sydney Australia in 2009.She is currently an International Analyst/Associate of Gattorna Alignment.


Tran pic

Tran Le - Analyst


Tran is studying Economics and Mathematics at Middlebury College in Vermont, USA. During her years at Middlebury, she has pursued studies related to mathematical modelling and econometrics. She started working for Gattorna Alignment in 2014, taking on supply chain research projects and client projects that require data analysis for optimization models. After her gap year, she returned to complete her study in America, but continues to work for Gattorna Alignment as Supply Chain Analyst.

Tran also conducts supply chain research and analysis for Gattorna Alignment. Originally working out of the Sydney office, she now continues to support us while she continues her studies in Economics and Mathematics in Vermont in the US. As with the other analysts she has very high-level data analytics skills as well as exposure to a range of companies, and uses advanced tools including Tableau and Simulation to provide insight into supply chain questions.

Laure Boudeville

Laure Boudeville – Analyst


Laure has just completed her Master Degree in Supply Chain Management at Neoma Business School in Rouen (France). During her studies she experienced several exchange semesters around the world (Ecuador, Great Britain) and also undertook internships in Supply Chain Management and Quality Management in France, Thailand, and Australia.

Laure worked for Gattorna Alignment in Sydney  as a Supply Chain Analyst and Researcher, and is part of that Firm’s international network.  Laure particularly enjoys analytics and  new business model research and development.

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