About Gattorna Alignment

Gattorna Alignment is a boutique strategy advisory business working with selected clients on engagements around developing market-focused strategy, innovative supply chain strategies and aligning internal capability to ensure implementation of new directions. It is built around the extensive experience of John Gattorna and his colleagues as leaders in the supply chain strategy arena for the last thirty years, and where appropriate draws on the Dynamic Alignment framework.

As former Managing Partner – Accenture Supply Chain Practice – ANZ and Southern Asia John Gattorna understands the value of timely intervention, but the business these days uses a lighter touch based on creating clarity and focus and leveraging the internal knowledge and capabilities of the organisations we work with rather than deploying large consulting teams.

Gattorna Alignment is the advisory arm that Dr John Gattorna and his colleagues use to support organisations interested in developing innovative approaches to supply chain strategy and in applying Dynamic Alignment.