‘Over 40 per cent of strategies written into business plans fail to be implemented, and it’s all due to a “misalignment’ between those strategies and the ‘values’ of the people inside the organization.’

– Dr John Gattorna, Dynamic Supply Chain Alignment (2009), Gower Publishing, p.123

Gattorna Alignment is a boutique advisory Firm working with selected clients to help them develop a customer-focused business strategy, including innovative supply chain strategies. Our methods are built on the extensive experience of Dr John Gattorna and his colleagues, and our proven frameworks – in particular the ground breaking Dynamic Alignment™ framework, which is proprietary to Gattorna Alignment.

Our clients are either looking for the next platform for growth or margin improvement, or are facing changes in their operating environment, such as losing relevance in fast changing markets. Very often complexity confounds their situation, and makes the path forward difficult to see.

Gattorna Alignment’s approach is to provide guidance and tools to cut through complexity – to help our clients see and focus on what really matters. In our view what matters most is the customer. So, our methods are all about market-driven strategies, and our tools are frameworks and decision support methods to help our clients design, re-design or re-balance their strategy and their internal capability to deliver that strategy.

Our consulting model is based on leadership, knowledge transfer and capability-building. We design and lead the project, but prefer to work with teams that can carry the ideas forward beyond our engagement. This ‘light-touch’ approach involves and empowers the relevant managers from day 1 – overcoming much of the inherent resistance to change that stymies transformation delivered as a finished product. As consultants, we are more like architects – and we know that our clients are the best builders.